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What is Minding the Pitch?

Minding the Pitch is a music training course designed specifically for those being treated for or recovering from a mental illness. It is structured as a 10 - week course that can be completed fully online, or adapted for in-person group learning. The course is completely free, but access must be given by one of our partner treatment facilities.*

What will I learn?

In this course, students will listen to music from a variety of genres and time periods, learn the fundamentals of music theory, develop musicianship skills, gain experience in vocal and instrumental performance, and become familiar with different music composition and songwriting approaches. The first half of the course focuses on developing technical skill while the second half guides student's through writing their own fully realized song. This course was created with the intention of giving students the basic musical knowledge and resources that they need to continue engaging with music beyond the completion of the course. 

How will I learn?

Each lesson consists of a mixture of slides presentations, video lessons, musical examples, practice activities, and brief exercises or assignments. Additionally, there is a forum available for asking questions for the teacher and sharing work with other students.

What do I need?

Technically, nothing. All necessary educational materials for the course are provided on this site. Additional books and materials are listed on the "resources" page if students are interested. That said, it helps to have access to a piano or keyboard, and any other instruments you may want to use throughout the course. Your treatment facility may have instruments available to use. Suggestions of low-cost instruments are also provided on the "resources" page. If accessing an instrument is not possible, you can still complete the course! Garageband, or any similar digital audio workstation that includes virtual instruments, can be a great tool. 


Content Warning: Some of the musical examples used in this course may include themes of mental illness, death, or violence. 

*Our partner facilities:

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