Musicianship II - Singing Melodies

Practice with the video below in which I guide you through some "sight-singing" exercises. True sight-singing involves singing a selection with no practice or support. Instead, I'll show you what to look for before attempting to sing a selection, sing the exercise with you, then give you an opportunity to try it again individually. 

For these exercises we will be using solfege, as I explained in Music Theory II. Before you start this video, take a moment to review the solfege syllables of both the major and minor scales.

The document that I'm using here is available in the course materials Google Drive under the "Music Theory Worksheets & Practice" folder. I encourage you to practice more of these exercise on your own. There are over a hundred melodies that get more challenging as you progress through them. Using a piano (or virtual piano!), play the scale of the key the exercise is in, your starting note, then try your best to sing the exercise a Capella. It may take a few tries.