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Harmony I - Intervals

In this lesson, you will practice with the most common intervals used in music. Start with the presentation below, in which I explain how to identify intervals and the characteristics of each one. There are also audio files and musical examples for each interval. If you are unable to play the audio file at the top of each slide, these are also available in the Google Drive under "Power Points" in the "Intervals for Harmony I" folder. Below you will also find interval practice, in addition to the interval worksheets in the drive. 

By no means do you need to become an expert at identifying these intervals, but becoming familiar with how each interval looks and sounds will make future modules -- especially Musicianship II, Singing Repertoire, and Harmony II -- much easier. Enjoy!

Power Point:

Ear training practice -- after an interval is played, try to identify which interval it is. The correct answer will be given after a few moments.

Practice identifying written intervals -- 

As it is shown here, the exercise includes only the intervals that we have studied. 

Customize to include more key signatures (as many as you feel comfortable with!)

You may choose to customize the exercise to test only the identification of interval size at first, then incorporate interval size and quality later. 

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